Saturday, 17 March 2012

Some Progress

I've made some progress on my SD40-2(W) and SD40.  I've decided to number them 5254 and 5008, respectively.  I was able to successfully swap the non-dynamic brake hatch from the Athearn with the dynamic brake assembly from the Kato.  Since a dash 2 is several feet longer than the first generation SD40, I had to trim one and add shims to the other for that perfect fit.  I added ditch lights to both engines, however, only 5008 will have lighted ones (that is if I can figure out LED wiring)  The "front porch" pilot on the dash 2 is brass and is going to be way too hard to drill tiny holes in with a pin vise. 

5008 has a fully detailed cab with the doors on both the engineman and fireman's sides open,

If you could only change one feature on a locomotive, the headlight and bell location on most Canadian units is a must

Non dynamic brake hatch from the Athearn cut to size.
Cab's painted and numbered, still need to scratchbuild some snowsheilds.

Ditchlights attached to pilot with solder.  That whole assembly is made from Miniatures by Eric brass castings.

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