Wednesday, 23 May 2012

CP Rail on Strike?

Turns that CP Rail has in fact gone on strike.  Most, if not all trains are suspended if I recall correctly.  Here's a CBC article and a more recent one from the Globe and Mail indicating that Ottawa may have something to say about this.

2000 workers were also laid off as they would have nothing to do if the trains aren't running.  Hopefully this can all soon be resolved.

Monday, 21 May 2012

New Carlisle Station in 1913.

This old dusty photo has hung in our basement for as long as I can remember.  I often asked about the history of it, but I never really got a straight answer.  That all changed with our latest trip to the Gaspe.

After hearing that the train was running again I went down to the station on Saturday and as I often do, I ran into Dominique the Stationmaster and I was finally able to drop off my photo for the 2013 Trains en Gaspesie calender. This is the photo, taken at New Carlisle, depicts the first train to reach the town in 1913.

I finally found out this photo's history from a family friend.  She had been talking to Bernard Babin, the man who puts together the calender and he kept mentioning a "young man from PEI" who had a copy and she put the rest together when she saw me at my grandfather's 90th birthday celebrations at the Town Hall later that day.  It turns out that it was after my great uncle was killed in the 1969 wreck at Point a la Garde that the photo was discovered.

The lady in question is my great uncle's sister and law and she was helping clean out the old family house in New Carlisle West shortly after.  This was the house that my grandmother's family grew up in.  She discovered the original copy in the attic in an old trunk, along with her mother, who was a next door neighbor of my grandparents.  (is it just me who enjoys how small towns work?)

Four copies of the original were made: She kept one, my grandfather got another and I can't recall what happened to the other two copies or the original.  I have several relatives in this photo including my great great grandfather.  My grandfather gave this photo to my father and it has hung in our house in PEI ever since.

A few later copies can be found in a quick Google search and a few copies circulating around various families who have ancestors in the photo.  There is even a large display at the town's museum, The Kempher House.  Normally I wouldn't take photos, but since this is a copy of my grandfather's print and he identified ever person in the photo, and donated the section of rail in the lower left hand corner, I snapped a quick shot several years ago.

It's hard to believe one photo can have such a history!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Some of my Models

Three of my finished models were recently featured in Canadian Railway Observations.  I finished both my C630M's and one C424 and they were featured in "Modler's Corner" in the April issue.

Canadian Railway Observations has been around for less than ten years, but has seen much growth over such a short time.

This really is a great resource for Canadian prototype information.  I've been following them for three years of so, however, as of last month they switched from a free download to a subscription based setup.  I really hope that this doesn't affect their number of monthly readers, which was actually quite high.