Sunday, 4 March 2012

Just Another New Blog

I have been interested in railroading for as long as I can remember.  My family's railway history spans three generations on Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula.  I remember many warm summer nights, where my grandfather and I would rush out onto his deck at the first sound of a train horn, just to watch the M420W's, Geeps or even a VIA train polish the rails.  He was a engineman with CN for thirty-nine years.  I only wish the days where the railway was a way of life on the Gaspe had lasted a little longer.  As most of you know, the railway that once saw PEI join Confederation was abandoned in 1989 so I don't get to watch trains very often.

I decided to start this blog, The Mighty Diesel Whine, mostly about model railroading with an Atlantic Canadian flavour. After a bit of thinking I decided on the name, which is actually a line from one of my favorite songs, Southern Pacific, by Neil Young.  I'm good at ranting and rambling, so I hope to talk about HO scale model railroads, with a bit of prototype and miscellaneous information thrown in for good measure.  I call Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island my home, for now. 

The odd person may know me as "tjmfishing" from Youtube or The Diesel Detailer.  Anyways, I've rambled on long enough for now.  I hope you enjoy this blog and I look foreword to the adventure,
Highball - Taylor

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  1. Welcome, welcome! I look forward to reading your blog. :)