Friday, 6 April 2012

SFG - Gaspe Railway Society Videos

Living on PEI, I don't get a chance to see trains very often.  On my Youtube channel, tjmfishing, I have quite a few VIA videos and even some freight action I took this summer past before they closed the line.

The line is closed due to safety issues with several bridges, but they hope to reopen it as soon as possible.  I won't go into detail because Steve has a several great posts about it:

Here's a video from better times.  It's the first, and hopefully not the last time that I've filmed a freight train in action on the Gaspe.

After meeting the crew at the former Nouvelle West station, we followed them to the log mill in Nouvelle, a short hop away.  We watched them switch cars for over an hour, and after they had lunch they left for Matapedia. Here they are still on the sawmill's property:

I suggest skipping to 1:30 for this one.  They are crossing a sidestreet near Escuminac which was once a section of the highway:

Just an aside, SFG rosters three ex NBEC, nee CP, RS-18u's, 1819, 1849 and 1856.  They were built in 1958 as RS-18's and rebuilt by CP at the Angus Shops in Monreal in the late 80's.  This involved chopping the high hood, rebuilding the prime mover and some other minor changes.  When CN sold its lines between Moncton and Campbellton, and Matapedia and Gaspe in 1998, the New Brunswick East Coast Railway bought these engines from CP.  CN bought back everything they sold but the Gaspe lines and reabsorbed the NBEC, retiring most of their ex CP RS-18u's, C424's and ex CN SD40's.

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