Monday, 29 December 2014

These are the yard limits man. Anything goes behind that line.

Here are some shots of some locomotives I have completed in the past year or so.  Most of these are client jobs, however, there are a few for myself in here.  In looking back at 2014, I was amazed at how many locomotives along I put out, most of which from August on wards.

There are likely a few more that I don't have photos of, or at least can't find any.

Side note:
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the departure of the last train from PEI.

The consist was as follows:
CN plow(s) 55242 & 55264, CN flat cars 663636 & 663443 (both loaded with section shacks), CN gondolas 147409 & 149581 (both loaded with scrap metal) and two empty propane cars, GATX 149581 and a CGTX car donning an Irving Oil logo (I am unsure on the number of this car).  The power was RSC-14's 1786 and 1750.

MV John Hamilton Gray was loaded at 2:45AM and left at 3:30.

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