Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Carlisle in 1991

I am always on the look out for photos of the railroad from both PEI and the Gaspe, but particularly the Gaspe.  I came across this neat postcard the other day:

This is just a photo of the photo, as I plan to get this scanned, blown up, and framed someday soon.  The back reads "The last rays of a bright setting sun illuminate this station scene at New Carlisle, Quebec, July 1, 1991.  Westbound VIA "Chaleur", with F40PH-2 6412 on the head end, is about to get underway with a fresh crew.  CN local from Chandler, powered by M-420 units 3527 and 3570, it tied up for the night.  Photo by Ted Wickson." 

I really was happy to find this photo, as I expecally like to find photos from New Carlisle, as I have spent o much time there.  Although this photo was taken a little over a year before I was born, this scene was the norm from the late 1980's until CN left in 1998.  This is exactly how I remember the yard, full, mostly with empty boxcars and a few CN engines hanging about.  You can see the tracks from my grandparents deck and I used to run out to watch the "new" F40PH's or CN freights roll by, mostly with M-420's as shown here.   I sure miss those days.

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