Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Switching Layout in HO - Part II

Between tonight and Tuesday I was able to make some real progress with the layout.  I have all of the Code 100 rail laid on one half and only have the points and one frog left on the two switches.  Overall, I am very pleased with how this is progressing.

My attempt at "continuous welded rail" in HO.  Actually, I really don't like the look of rail joiners and since there is only a small amount of track here I can focus on the details.  I plan to add styrene fishplates at a later date.

The "joint" for the two halves is clearly visible here.  The blue ties will be replaced by copper ones for added strenght.

Just by luck, there isn't a turnout in sight at 3.5' thankfully.

Some more creative rail joints - all credit goes to Mears for the suggestion.  I had to join code 100 and code 40 rail so I cut a code 40 rail joiner into four pieces and soldered the code 40 rail on top of the cut joiner to raise the rail head to the code 100 height.  

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