Saturday, 3 November 2012

Trains en Gaspesie

T rains en Gaspesie is a web site maintained by Andre Berthelot and Bernard Babin.  Although I have never met either man personally, I have exchanged many emails with Bernard.  It turns out he grew up in New Carlisle West, several houses down from the site of my grandmother's family homestead, long gone.  The tracks ran right behind his house and there was a level crossing, now an overpass, to the west of the house he grew up in.  Below is the crossing in question, a steel overpass built in 1986 at the town's western limit.

Unfortunatly, there used to be another Trains en Gaspesie, hosted by a different website.  Last year however, that company went under as did their site.  Recently, they were able to reconstruct the site using a different host.  There still isn't the volume of content that there once was, but more photos are constantly being added.

Bernard also works to produce a calender each year with historic or more recent photos of operations on the line.  I believe last year was the first one and one other calender similar calender was released years ago by the Rotary Club of New Richmond, but it lacked the historical content of Babin's work.  I encourage anyone who has the chance to purchase a copy. This year, the calender came with a separate booklet to go with the theme of "100 years of passenger service on the Gaspe" highlighting the achievements of the line.

Bernard and Andre also have their own Youtube sites:

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